Is it Really Necessary to get a Tutor?

This is the question students preparing for the TOEFL exam often ask.

In general, the answer is yes, that it is highly recommended to get a tutor to help you prepare for the exam.

That’s because a tutor can help you in two different ways:

  • A tutor can give you important guidance in your efforts to improve your English proficiency; meaning your ability to understand, write, read and communicate in the language. Obviously, this is the most important aspect of preparing for the TOEFL exam.
  • The writing of the TOEFL exam itself is actually a bit tricky in certain respects. The TOEFL iBT not only requires a certain level of English proficiency; it also helps a whole lot if you go into the exam being familiar with the test and the very specific skills that the test writing process requires. A tutor who is well grounded in these test writing skills can definitely help you score higher on the test; often to a very considerable degree.

So Beginner and Intermediate Level Students are highly advised to use the assistance of a tutor to help navigate them through their English language learning, and also, to guide them through the test writing process and the skills that they require in these regards.

As for those who can truly be considered Advanced Level Students, it is still recommended for them to use the help of a tutor. If they truly don’t need help improving their language skills, a tutor can at least give them the guidance and support they need to become accustomed to the test-writing skill-set required to do well on the exam.