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Are TOEFL Skills Useful in Real Life?

January 12, 2018

There is a question most of us ask as students. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mathematics, General Science, Geography or English. We always want to know the point of studying it. Why are we doing this? How is it relevant? Does this even have any real-life applications? It isn’t much different when you’re immersed in…

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TOEFL vs. IELTS: Which One Should You Take?

January 11, 2018

The English language might arguably be the third most spoken language in the world. It is, however, likely the most powerful language today. What this basically means, is if you can speak English, it is simpler for you to get around in the world today. Even for those who don’t find the language particularly important…

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English Language 101: 9 Steps to Fluency

January 10, 2018

Learning a new language is quite beneficial. It allows us to engage with people from cultures different from ours and find work abroad with considerable ease. It also lets us take up foreign courses of study and understand literature and poetry we might not have otherwise been able to! This being said, many of us…

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TOEFL Exam Preparation Made Easy

December 13, 2016

TOEFL Exam Preparation Made Easy   As a student preparing to apply to attend an English-speaking college or university, TOEFL exam preparation is a must. Even if your overall grasp of English is solid, it is essential to go into the exam with a good idea of what to expect from the test. Preparation can…

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TOEFL Mock Test: Where and How to Practice

December 8, 2016

TOEFL Mock Test: Where and How to Practice   The key to doing well on the Test of English as a Foreign Language is first to prepare and then to practice. This is why you need to take a TOEFL mock test. Even if you have been speaking English for a very long time, there…

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TOEFL Exercises: Ideas to Help You Prepare

December 8, 2016

For every student who needs to take the TOEFL to gain admission to the college or university of their choice, preparation is the key to getting a good score. However, if you don’t have access to a formal TOEFL class, the preparation process can be a long and lonely one. Whatever the case, you need…

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