Native English Teacher Tutoring Riyadh Students Now!

Learn English Faster with a Private Tutor Who Understands Saudis and Cares

Are you looking for a private native-speaking English teacher to help you get closer and closer to your academic or professional goals?

Maybe you were thinking about going to your tutor’s house in Riyadh (which is probably far away), or wanted to have them come over to your house on a regular basis.

There’s actually something easier and more convenient than that.

Teacher Haneef Gilsenan, a former English Language Instructor at King Abdul-Aziz University and the founder of, is now offering online classes from his home in Montreal, Canada, to people who want to learn English in Riyadh.

That’s how much he loved his experience in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people!

Why is this a good option for you?

Because Teacher Haneef’s classes at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah were well-known to be a great place of fun and learning.
If you want to learn how to speak English quickly without feeling bored, then Teacher Haneef’s classes are the right place for you to be.

That’s right.

1 on 1 private learning using an expert with 15 years teaching experience and a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – all in your own home without having to physically host someone in your house.

It’ll be so much more convenient for you.

You won’t have to worry about getting stuck on the roads of Riyadh, or constantly having to entertain someone in your house.

Plus, it’s actually cheaper for you, too.

You’ll be more likely to continue long-term instead of the usual quitting after 1 month.

This will allow you to come closer and closer to your goal of mastering the English language!

The following is a breakdown of the discounted online rates:

Private General English, Conversational English, or Academic English:

Normally 250 SR per hour, now 150 SR online.

Private TOEFL Preparation:

Normally 300 SR per hour, now 250 SR online

Private Business English:

Normally 250 SR per hour, now 175 SR online

This opportunity is open to children, teens/students and adults.


Simply fill out the form below to communicate with Ustaath Haneef. Scheduling is subject to availability, so hurry!


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