TOEFL Mock Test: Where and How to Practice


The key to doing well on the Test of English as a Foreign Language is first to prepare and then to practice. This is why you need to take a TOEFL mock test. Even if you have been speaking English for a very long time, there is still an element of uncertainly in taking any kind of formal test. If you know what to expect, you can increase your chances of getting the score you need to get into the college or university of your choice.

Where to Practice

Assuming that you have studied and done a good job of learning English, you should have the basics of what you need to know to pass the TOEFL with a solid score. However, you still need to consider the specifics of the test. It’s not enough simply to read about the test format and answer a few practice questions.

The key to practicing is to find real TOEFL mock tests. You can’t afford to waste time looking at sub-par practice tests. Instead, your goal should be to find real TOEFL tests to use as practice. If you are taking the IBT (internet-based test), then you should make sure to take an internet-based practice test. Here are some places where you can find real TOEFL mock tests to use as your prepare.

  1. The ETS website is the single best source for TOEFL mock tests. ETS is the company that creates and administers the TOEFL, so it stands to reason that their website should be your first stop. You can find test questions as well as complete timed practice exams to help you get ready to take the exam.
  2. Magoosh has a ton of TOEFL test prep materials and they offer a short online version of the TOEFL to help with preparation. It’s not the same as taking a full test, but it’s still a good resource to use while you’re getting ready for the exam. They also offer paid test preparation that includes full practice tests.
  3. ETS publishes The Official Guide to the TOEFL. The book includes comprehensive preparation materials, as well as CDs that include three full practice tests.
  4. Simulated practice tests are a great way to practice for the TOEFL exam. These are tests that are like the real TOEFL test. It has a timer, a teacher that will grade your work, and a score with some feedback on your TOEFL test performance. Click here to see a list of simulated practice tests.

It’s a good idea to avail yourself of at least one of these options and take as many practice exams as you can before the big day.

How to Practice for the TOEFL

Now that we’ve reviewed where to find TOEFL practice exams, let’s talk about how to practice. Every standardized test has its particular challenges, and the most important thing you can do as you prepare is to make sure that you know what those challenges are. The best way to identify the parts of the exam that will be the most difficult for you is to take practice exams and pay attention to your results.

Your practice exams should always be timed since the TOEFL is timed. You may look at some sample questions beforehand to familiarize yourself with the format of the test, but there is little point in not heeding the time limitations of the test.

Your first test should be viewed as an assessment. If you fail to finish a section of the test in the time allotted, then you’ll know that you have to put in some extra prep time for that particular test component and practice to ensure that you can finish when you take the real test. Likewise, if a particular section is exceptionally difficult for you, you can reallocate your practice and prep time to allow you to put your focus where you need it the most.

Practicing for the TOEFL is a must, and if you focus your practice to maximize the time you spend on the sections of the test that pose the biggest challenge to you, you can be sure that you’ll be ready when your formal testing date arrives.