Where should you go when you’re looking for information about the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)? As you might expect, the single best source for information about the TOEFL is the ETS website. ETS is the company that develops, administers, and scores the TOEFL. Their website is an extremely rich source of preparation and practice material that you can use to get yourself ready for the test – and ensure that you get the score you need to gain admission to the college or university of your choice.

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Overview of the ETS TOEFL Website

What can you expect to find on the TOEFL website? Here’s an overview to help you find what you need. We’ve mapped it all out for you:

  • A complete run-down of what the test is, how it works, and who should take it. This page includes a general overview of relevant information about the test to help students understand what they need to do to get ready for it.
  • A registration page where you can make arrangements to take the exam. This page includes options to register online, by phone, and through the mail. It also includes links to information about accommodation for students with disabilities and other special needs, as well as a coupon for $35 off the text fee if you buy certain TOEFL preparation materials.
  • A complete list of testing sites and dates so you can determine if the test is offered in your area and figure out where to take it in case you need to travel.
  • A comprehensive test preparation page. On the page, you can find links to basic online test materials, which you can get for free. You can also sign up to take the official TOEFL preparation course, take online practice exams, and buy TOEFL preparation books and other course materials to help you get ready.
  • A checklist to help you ensure that you’re ready on test day. The list includes a link where you can download or print confirmation of your registration, and a list of what to bring with you on the day you take the exam.
  • An explanation of the TOEFL scoring system, including links to the scoring guide and a list of all of the colleges and universities that accept the TOEFL for incoming students.
  • A special registration page with information about the accommodations that are available for students who have disabilities, and contact information to help you request accommodations if you need them.

The information available on the website is extremely comprehensive and can help you get ready for the big exam no matter when you’re taking it.