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For students who have little to spend on TOEFL prep, getting ready to take the test can present a financial challenge as well as an intellectual one. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find free TOEFL material, both online and in the real world. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare without spending any money.

Your local library

If your town or city has a library, check to see if they have TOEFL material you can check out. Many libraries have audio materials in addition to books. If they don’t have any TOEFL material at your local branch, ask to see if they have an exchange program with another branch. Often library branches will make material available for lending to patrons of other branches.

Online resources

The second location where you can find an abundance of free TOEFL material is online. The primary site to check is the ETS site. ETS is the company that administers the TOEFL and they make a wide array of materials available, including:

  • Free practice questions from past exams
  • Free practice tests that you can download
  • Sample responses to written and spoken portions of the test
  • Free study guides for all sections of the test

These materials are essential because they come from the people who create the test. You can use them to assess your strengths and weaknesses, familiarize yourself with the test, and practice taking the text at home.

In addition to ETS, there are many other sites that offer vocabulary lists, sample topics and prompts, test questions, and practice tests. Here are some to try:

Magoosh is a website that offers several free options for people studying for the TOEFL. Some of the things you can find there include vocabulary lists, vocabulary flash cards, sample text questions, and TOEFL study guides.

Open Culture is a website that has a selection of free academic podcasts available to stream. While they are not TOEFL prep materials per se, listening to and understanding lectures is an essential element of TOEFL preparation.

Learn4Good is a website that offers a comprehensive overview to help you understand the structure of the TOEFL. They also have practice questions, and a list of TOEFL prep courses around the world. While the courses aren’t free, the rest of the material on the site is – and it can help you get ready for the text.

TOEFLTestsOnline is a website that provides sample tests for every section of the TOEFL. The tests are all free, and because they are offered online they can help you prepare for taking the actual test when it’s time.

Quizlet is a vocabulary improvement website. It has hundreds of essential words that students should know for the TOEFL exam. It’s very impressive because it allows students to hear the pronunciation of each word, a definition of the word, and an image that describes the meaning of the word. This website is great for any TOEFL student to use, especially for those who can be considered visual and auditory learners.

Nonstopenglish is another site that is aimed at improving vocabulary, but it also has a very good section for grammar. You’ll get to practice different words, terms and grammar concepts, which will be done according to your level of English. For example, beginners will only get grammar exercises appropriate to their level, with the same being for intermediate and advanced level students. 

Gradutateshotline has eight free reading and two free listening practice tests. This website has a limited amount of articles about the TOEFL test that you might find quite helpful. It isn’t recommended that you use this website as one of your primary TOEFL resources because of its limited selection of articles. But it is another website to add to your list. is an amazing website for grammar and vocabulary improvement. The structure of the quizzes is impressive, especially since it offers students free content. Some of these quizzes can be challenging for even advanced level students, and are certainly very beneficial for those who want to test their vocabulary and grammar skills.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) is a terrific resource to help you grasp the fine points of academic writing. In addition to a grammar blog and other writing resources, they even offer free tutoring to help you improve your writing.

These are just a few of the excellent resources available online to help you prepare for the TOEFL. You may also want to seek out English language videos, publications and blogs as a way of improving your listening and reading skills. If you can afford to take a formal course, you should certainly do so. However, it is possible for advanced level students to prepare for the TOEFL – and get a high score – by using these free resources.

Here are some MORE FREE RESOURCES to check out!

TOEFL Youtube channels:






Listening help 






Documentaries and university lectures

Watching documentaries and academic television programs in English can help familiarize you with a wide variety of words to improve your vocabulary. You can expect to encounter speakers with different accents while watching these programs, but that is an important way to learn more about the English Language.

When you watch documentaries, watch them without subtitles. Do your best to understand every word being spoken. If you find that a particular accent is difficult for you, seek out additional examples of it so you will be ready on test day. This will help you with the conversations that make up the exam.

You can find a good selection of documentaries on topdocumentaryfilms and

The best two websites that you can find university lectures are Coursera. and You can access lectures from the top universities around the world such as Harvard, MIT, Standford etc.

If you have any particular interests in any field of specialization, then this is the place to access lectures ranging from all subjects. This will be beneficial for you later on in your career as well as improving your listening skills for the TOEFL exam.


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