Top 5 TOEFL Online Practice Tests

TestDEN TOEFL Practice Tests

(Our #1 Recommendation) – “The best, longest running and most reliable TOEFL practice test service”


TestDEN is a complete online resource for anyone looking to prepare for the TOEFL test. These services make it easy for people to improve their English skills, including writing, as they prepare for their exam.

TestDEN offers practice tests and additional features, such as:

  • You will receive 4 TOEFL graded tests and access to a speaking and writer trainer. This is one of the most effective prep courses for giving students the edge that they need to succeed.
  • They have several decades of experience helping students learn English. Tens of thousands of students have used TestDEN in order to successfully practice for, and then pass, their TOEFL test. TestDEN has been used by international students in over 60 countries.
  • The TestDEN practice course is completed 100% online with instant access available upon purchase. Students can register and instantly begin reviewing training material from their own computer.
  • Allows you to get ready for the TOEFL test in just 30 days. Take each of the practice tests to judge your current understanding of the English language. You can then review your answers and read explanations for any incorrect answers. Study the results and then take another practice test.
  • TestDEN includes online courses for improving critical English speaking and writing skills. Again, this will provide realistic practice questions modeled on the real test.
  • You have up to 180 days to use these resources, after registering your account. This gives you the time to learn at your own pace and learn around your busy schedule.


TestDen has an excellent reputation for giving the best and most accurate TOEFL practice tests. It is a well established company that has years of experience in the field of TOEFL. Testden is a very popular TOEFL test provider, with many students having purchased their practice tests worldwide over the years.

Indeed, TestDen have done a great job of replicating the actual TOEFL exam. The overall platform is very impressive as they were able to produce an excellently automated system that’s easy to work with.

You can register with TestDEN to receive instant access to TOEFL training courses and practice tests, or conversely, you can take the free practice test to dip your toes into the TOEFL test writing process.


BestMyTest TOEFL Practice Tests

(Our #2 Recommendation) – “15 practice tests with extra video lessons and exercises. Amazing Value!!”


BestMyTest is one of the leading providers of TOEFL online courses. This includes the practice tests that you need in order to improve your score. Here are the main features of the BestMyTest online courses:

  • BestMyTest offers a free micro test. You can experience these tests before you begin the complete practice tests.
  • The micro test is a simulation of the real tests and provides a quick overview of Reading, Listening, and Speaking sections of the TOEFL test. This is a 30-minute test, with 20 to 22 questions.
  • Subscribers will receive 4 reserved tests and 15 practice tests.
  • The 3-hour reserved TOEFL test simulation is an accurate model of the real test.
  • With each of your 4 reserved tests, you will receive a score estimate, so that you can see what you did wrong and find out why. Use this to study and improve your scores.
  • You will also have 15 practice tests that you can use for training. You can use the practice tests to improve your testing skills so that you do not use up your 4 reserved tests.
  • You can purchase access to additional content. This includes bonus sections that can help you improve your skills in English reading, listening, speaking, and writing. You also get access to the simulated tests, vocabulary assistance, and lessons.
  • With interactive vocabulary training, you can perfect your English vocabulary. This is beneficial when preparing for the TOEFL test. You will have a better grasp of the English language and how it is used.


The key benefit to purchasing BestMyTest is that you get a lot for your money. You get access to 15 practice tests in addition to video lessons, exercises, and TOEFL vocabulary etc.

Another thing worth mentioning about BestMyTest is that you pay according to the number of months you wish to enroll. Some students might prefer BestMyTest’s monthly subscription system if they only want to practice according to the number of weeks or months they need.

BestMyTest is focused on helping students improve their scores in preparation for the TOEFL exam. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase all the practice tests or not, you should start with the 30-minute micro test.


i-Courses TOEFL Practice Tests


Detailed practice tests will help you prepare for your TOEFL exam. Getting a high score requires studying and a solid understanding of the English language. With the practice tests that are available through i-Courses, you can learn at your own pace and ensure you are ready for the real test. With the full tests, you will gain the following:

  • Practice tests are modeled after the real TOEFL iBT exam. They are designed and structured to mimic the difficulty level of the actual tests. The system even includes some of the same functions as the interface that you will use when taking the TOEFL exam.
  • The English speaking and writing sections of the test are scored by experienced independent raters.
  • These raters are real teachers that provide you with creative feedback and suggestions to improve your skills. You can receive expert guidance to overcome your weaknesses.
  • Tests are available in test mode and practice mode. With test mode, you can take the timed test modeled after the real exam. It recreates the conditions of the real test.
  • With practice mode, you can answer practice questions in specific sections of the exam. For example, you could focus on Writing or Reading.
  • The i-Courses program gives you strategic tips for TOEFL test taking, along with directions on how to prepare for the test.
  • You also get access to components separately. Focus on your problem areas, watch short training videos and read training material from the online learning center.


The main advantage to i-Courses.org is that you have the flexibility to buy only one or many sections of the test – all at affordable prices. For each section, you will receive video lessons, directions, and tips for improving your score. i-Courses.org lets you try their test for free, so you can decide whether it’s the right for you.

ScoreNexus TOEFL Practice Tests


ScoreNexus offers accurate online tests that are professionally graded by experienced teachers.

Learn more about their features:

  • You can maximize your potential by determining where exactly you need help.
  • The tests mirror the scoring system of the TOEFL iBT.
  • You can learn from your mistakes when you receive a full score report.
  • ScoreNexus’ professional graders will tell you how to improve on your speaking and writing answers. An invaluable feature, indeed.
  • Their tests seem very much like the real TOEFL exam; even down to the buttons and timer.
  • Their tests are based on actual TOEFL iBT test material.
  • You are given the option to do the whole test, or select the test component of your choice.
  • ScoreNexus offers a money back guarantee.


Like all other practice tests, ScoreNexus also gives feedback on students’ performance.

However, ScoreNexus gives students the special attention they need to help them overcome their weaknesses, and thus, improve their performance. Many students who have used this testing system were found to have been satisfied with the whole experience. You can also purchase individual tests for each section if you feel you need to focus more on certain sections of the exam.

ScoreNexus also allows you to try the test for free, so you can get a feel for how it works.

English Live

English Live offers award-winning English courses led by highly qualified teachers. They have a preparation course that includes practice tests that match the actual TOEFL exam.

Here are the key features that English Live offers you:

  • It’s a complete TOEFL online video based course which focuses on the four key components – reading, listening, writing, and speaking, as well as grammar and vocabulary.
  • You can try the course for just one dollar. We suggest that you test out the interface and take a few practice questions before purchasing the full course.
  • This course has 16 learning levels designed to take you from a beginner stage to an advanced one. You can still take a placement test and skip the previous levels if you want.
  • EnglishLive gives the student a very engaging learning experience by conducting 20 to 30 group conversation classes led by a highly qualified teacher. That will help students gain practical language skills when speaking to the teacher and other learners from around the world.
  • EnglishLive has designed hundreds of interactive exercises to help you practice the concepts you’ve learned in the course.
  • You can access the course easily by downloading the EnglishLive app on your mobile or tablet.
  • When purchasing this course, you’ll do a preliminary test. EF English Live will then take the results of your practice test and prepare 12 personalized lessons and a personalized study plan to help you study effectively for the exam.
  • You will be able to access simulated TOEFL practice tests and get a full performance summary which you can review and then evaluate.
  • Students normally average a 13% improvement in their TOEFL score with this program, with dedicated students improving 40% or more on their final score.
  • You have the option to choose between two types of TOEFL preparation courses, being a self-directed course and a teacher-led course. The difference between the two is that with a teacher-led course you get the extra benefit of having private classes with real teachers and more group conversation classes per month.


EnglishLive is not just any practice test—it is in the top 5 best TOEFL practice tests; it includes a myriad of simulated practice tests and hundreds of exercises.

For students who would like to benefit from the course, and also have access to TOEFL practice tests, EnglishLive is an excellent choice. EnglishLive will prepare you for the test using personalized study plans, video lessons, interactive exercises, TOEFL practice tests, group conversation classes, and private classes with well-qualified teachers.

EnglishLive has a 7-day free trial, or you can pay €1 to receive a 30-day trial period for students who are interested in signing up for this TOEFL test.