Thomson Arco Grammar Workbook TOEFL Exam 4th Edition

TOEFL Grammar Workbook

December 30, 2016 by Phyllis L. Lim (Author), Mary Kurtin (Author), Laurie Wellman (Editor)

Grammar Workbook for the TOEFL Exam is a very good book that helps TOEFL students improve their grammar for the test.

Firstly, it gives the reader a fair understanding of what is expected of them on the exam, and outlines seven ways in which he/she can benefit in the best way from the book.

It concentrates on helping students understand and use modifiers, verbs, pronouns, and basic grammar patterns. It even helps with understanding style related issues such as overcoming wordiness and avoiding certain common linguistic mistakes.

This book is certainly recommended.

Mc Graw Hill English Verb Tenses up close

Practice Makes Perfect

December 30, 2016 by Mark Lester (Author)

Practice Makes Perfect: English Verb Tenses Up Close is a decent book for students who want to strengthen their grammar skills, although it has not been written with the TOEFL student in mind.

This book might be a bit difficult for less advanced students to follow.

TOEFL Grammar Guide Timpthy Dickeson

TOEFL Grammar Guide

December 30, 2016 by Timothy Dickeson (Author)

TOEFL Grammar Guide – 23 Grammar Rules You Must Know to Guarantee Your Success on the TOEFL Exam gives a fairly acceptable overview of grammatical structures, although it is quite basic and nothing out of the ordinary.

This would not be our first choice.

Praski Amazingly Easy Phrasal verbs

Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs!

December 30, 2016 by George Sandford (Author)

Although not written specifically for the TOEFL exam, Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs is a great book as it has been written in a way that will interest you to learn more.

So although the book is very specific to phrasal verbs – which is only one part of the greater grammar picture – it should be purchased, if only to give you more interest in learning the English language.

After all, it only costs $2.99.

Raymond Murphy Basic Grammar in use

Basic Grammar in Use

December 30, 2016 by Raymond Murphy (Author), William R. Smalzer (Contributor)

If you’re a high level beginner or low level intermediate English learner and need help in strengthening your English grammar, then Basic Grammar in Use is for you.

Why? Because it’s a Raymond Murphy book; that’s why.

If that’s not enough for you or you don’t know who Raymond Murphy is, that’s okay. This book comes with very straight forward explanations of what will be dealt with in the exercise section, and includes an audio CD that provides usage of the concepts covered.

With plenty of clear explanations and exercises along with an answer key as well, this book is ideal for those who wish to conduct their own grammar self-study program – provided that they’re at a high-level-beginner or low-level-intermediate rank.

Susan Thurman The Only Grammar Book You'll ever need

The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need

December 30, 2016 by Susan Thurman (Author), Larry Shea (Author)

The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need hasn’t been written for TOEFL test takers. That doesn’t matter. It almost is – as the title states – the only grammar book you’ll ever need, which is good enough.

Written by an English teacher, it effectively deals with the greater issues of grammar, as well as many details which will give you an edge over others preparing for the TOEFL.

Robin Torres-Gouzerh Intermediate English Grammar for ESL learners

Practice Makes Perfect

December 30, 2016 by Robin Torres-Gouzerh (Author)

Although not specifically designed for the TOEFL exam, Practice Makes Perfect’s Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners will help move those preparing for the TOEFL test from an intermediate level to a near-advanced level; something which is ideal for TOEFL preparation.

It contains plenty of exercises to give sufficient support.

This book comes well recommended.

Mac Graw Hill Education - 400 must have words for the TOEFL test

McGraw-Hill Education

December 30, 2016 by Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz (Author), Lawrence Zwier (Author)

McGraw-Hill Education’s 400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL is an excellent book for students that want to strengthen their vocabulary skills for the exam. The book concentrates on words that often appear on the exam, and are of an academic and campus based nature.

400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL provides learners with example sentences, usage tips, and commonly used parts of speech related to the words they will encounter. It also has a free Language Lab app with flashcards to support vocabulary memorization. This book will definitely help you augment your vocabulary skills for the exam.

Collons English for exams Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL test


December 30, 2016 by Ingrid Wisniewska (Author)

Collins’ Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test is a very good book that combines between preparing learners for two very important skills needed on the TOEFL exam.

This book will give you a better idea of what to expect on the TOEFL test, and will show you how to prepare yourself with the right strategies.

The book is split between twenty chapters devoted to grammar, and twenty chapters dedicated to vocabulary.

The book contains an audio CD, along with a full audio script and an accompanying answer key.

What we like about this book is that it slowly eases the student into each subject matter covered at the beginning of the chapter, followed up by enough guidance and practice throughout the chapter to really reinforce what was learned.

Peterson's Master TOEFL Vocabulary


December 30, 2016 by Arco (Author)

Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary provides learners with ten strategies specifically designed to raise their scores by effectively allowing them to learn and remember new words.

A diagnostic test is given to determine strengths and weaknesses. Part III of the book provides a basic vocabulary overview, starting with simple words, and then moving up to more advanced ones.

Two more practice tests are included towards the end of the book to show the learner how well he/she has mastered the vocabulary skills provided in the book.

This is a well-organized and user-friendly book that belongs at the top of our list.