Welcome to the uMasterExam Ace the TOEFL iBT! e-course.

As you will see in the course, we will be giving you lots of tips, strategies and advice, so we would like to keep things as simple as possible at this early stage.
The only thing we would like to advise you with at this point is the following:

Don’t just breeze through the course and take what you want.
Slowly read the course content in stages, understand it, and then add any notes you think are important to the main points contained in the note templates. You might have your own perspective on some of the points, based on your specific situation and context.
Again, take the note taking process for the templates we have provided seriously, if you want to truly succeed.
Once you have done this, then carefully implement everything you have learned in your TOEFL practice and preparations, in a step by step manner.
Don’t treat this as an overnight process. Rather, it needs to take place over a period of months. And the more time you give yourself, the better.
Remember: You should be referring to this e-course and your notes on a daily basis.
Again, do not attempt to just read this course content once and absorb it all in one go.
Module 4 is quite long, so you will need to keep coming back to it as your primary resource for test preparation.
You must learn to literally live and breathe with your membership account and template notes until you have completed your exam.
Anything else will disappoint you.
I sincerely wish you every success in your journey to achieve all your academic and career goals.

Oliver Gilsenan

M.A. in Applied Linguistics & TESOL

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