For international students aspiring to attend university abroad, TOEFL iBT is an important test.

The majority of universities in the US, Canada and Australia require TOEFL scores from every potential applicant at the time of admission. The score indicates an applicant’s proficiency in the English language.

Today, TOEFL iBT is one of the most common standardised English language tests in the world, with more than 10,000 universities, colleges and other institutions in over 130 countries accepting TOEFL scores.

Understanding TOEFL iBT

No matter where you are located, there is only a single organisation handling the TOEFL iBT test. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for the test. In other words, the ETS creates questions, administers the test and sends score reports to test takers all over the world.

The ETS has authorised centres in different countries where the TOEFL is held every year. Currently, the test is held all-year-round at over 4,500 authorised test centres in over 165 countries around the world.

TOEFL iBT is a computer-based exam. Test takers use a mouse, keyboard and headphones to answer questions. The four-and-a-half-hour long test is divided into four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Each section has its own set of questions and time duration. But, all the sections contain academic questions and topics to gauge how well the test taker can understand and use English in an academic environment.

For example, the reading section comprises a few academic texts or passages, and the same rule applies to the other sections.

When it comes to test scoring, 120 is the maximum score for TOEFL. But, universities have their own score requirements. Some have a higher requirement (100 or above), while others want anything above 80.

Although we know that taking TOEFL iBT is mandatory for a non-native speaker seeking admission in an English-speaking university, the test has several other advantages as well.

Evaluates Time Management and Analytical Thinking Skills

Apart from having good English comprehension skills, test takers should also have sharp critical thinking skills because the test consists of multiple choice questions. Some of them can be quite tricky.

If you are planning on taking TOEFL iBT, make sure to understand and reflect on the questions before answering. Time management is a crucial aspect of the test. Read every question carefully and submit your answer. Do not get distracted during the test. Practice answering questions quickly.

Improves English Communication Skills

Wish you could speak English more fluently? The TOEFL iBT test can help you take your English communication skills up a notch.

By practicing writing, speaking, reading and listening exercises, you can master the English language.  You can improve your vocabulary, essay writing and pronunciation and speak and write more confidently.

Having impeccable English communication skills is essential to achieve success in the academic and professional environments. Most of the world’s leading universities teach courses in English, which is why they want English speaking students.

English is also the preferred language for international businesses. A good TOEFL score can increase your chance of getting into a renowned university or workplace.

Provides New Opportunities

Several countries, such as Australia, require TOEFL scores from visa applicants. It’s a mandatory requirement for applying for student, skilled migration, business and post-study visas.

Taking the test can open up better opportunities for your future.

Multiple Retakes

The TOEFL score is valid for two 2 years, after the test date. Unlike other English language tests, TOEFL iBT can be taken an unlimited amount of times.

If you’re not happy with your TOEFL score, you can retake the test as many times as you want. However, the only exception is that the test cannot be taken twice in a 12-day period.

TOEFL iBT Test Benefits

Convenient Registration

You can register online for the TOEFL test. You will find complete information about the registration process on the ETS website.

Once you select a testing centre, test date and pay the registration fee, you are set. Registration takes place online and through mail or phone. Online registration, of course, is the fastest method due to 24/7 availability.

Fair Scoring

Several raters check each applicant’s answers to ensure a fair, reliable score. The ETS employs qualified, certified raters to check TOEFL.

For example, multiple raters check a test taker’s speaking skills in different ways. So, if the first rater gave you a poor score by mistake, other raters can assess your speaking skills correctly.

Enjoyable Preparation

Preparing for the iBT test can be overwhelming. But, you can make it an enjoyable experience.  Coupled with the prep course material, you can watch movies, listen to music or online documentaries, speak with university students, attend seminars or maintain a journal.

Give yourself enough time to prepare for the exam. Start practicing at least six months prior to the day of the test. Most importantly, follow a regular studying routine to increase your chances of getting a high score.

Another advantage of the iBT test is the availability of countless TOEFL study material online. If you do a simple Google search, you will find various websites for TOEFL preparation.

While there are hundreds of online resources available, you need to choose the most dependable one, such as uMasterExam.

uMasterExam is an online TOEFL preparation guide for test takers. The website provides complete study material to help test takers ace the TOEFL test and fulfill their personal and professional goals.

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