Anybody who is in the midst of preparing to take the TOEFL knows how important it is to take practice exams. Taking tests is a skill that must be honed. The TOEFL represents some unique challenges, and taking practice tests is one of the best ways to ensure that you are prepared when the time comes to sit for the exam.

Whether you have a big budget or a small one, there are plenty of places that you can find practice tests to familiarize yourself with the test format and details. Practice tests are available in books and online, and you can choose the type that you prefer.

TOEFL Practice Books

The benefit of working with a TOEFL practice book is that you can take it with you wherever you go and practice your test-taking skills – even if you’re not online. Many TOEFL books come with DVDs and other study materials included. Here are some of the best-reviewed practice books available:

If you want to buy a book, read reviews and understand what is included before making a purchase.

TOEFL Exam Samples

One good way to prep for the TOEFL is to look at sample tests. There are a number of places you can find them. Here are a few to get you started:

  • The ETS website is the official home of the TOEFL. You can find sample tests and test questions here.
  • 4Tests has a free online sample text that you can take. Find it here.
  • TestDen offers a free mini-test that takes 30 minutes. You can check it out here.

Keep in mind that looking at sample tests is not the same as taking a real practice test. Still, it can help you familiarize yourself with the questions and formats of the test.

Free Online Practice Tests

Because the TOEFL iBT is an online test, it is essential to practice it by taking online practice tests. Here are some resources to try:

  • GraduatesHotline has a free selection of practice tests here, mostly focused on the Reading section of the exam.
  • TOEFL iBT Course has a sampling of practice tests that you can take for free. You can find them on this page.

It’s important to note these are not full TOEFL tests. However, they can help you prepare and get accustomed to the questions.

Online Interactive TOEFL Tests

When it comes to prepping for the TOEFL, there’s no substitute for the real thing. If you can, it’s a good idea to take a full TOEFL practice exam online at least once before you sit for the real test.

The best resource to use is the TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler from ETS. It’s an app that you can download for free, and it provides you with a way to experience all sections of the test as often as you like. You can get download it here.

The more practice you do, the more likely you are to do well when the day of your test arrives. Familiarity with the questions and what’s expected of you will help you overcome your nerves and leave your mind free to focus on the test.

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