Preparing for the TOEFL requires a big time commitment and a lot of hard work. The test is a difficult one, specifically designed to make sure that the people who take it can function in a university environment. Even if you feel your English is very good, you can still benefit from getting some help.

One of the easiest ways to get the help you need is to purchase a TOEFL preparation course. These courses are widely available and can help you get comfortable with every part of the test. Students who are well prepared are far more likely to get high scores than those who aren’t, so these courses are an investment worth making.

If you want the course you choose to be effective, you must take several things into consideration.

Learning Style

The first thing to consider is your personal learning style. Some people learn best by reading information and taking notes on it. Others prefer a visual presentation. The course you choose should be something that appeals to you and plays to your strengths as a student.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Every student is different. Perhaps English grammar comes very easily to you but you struggle with listening comprehension. Maybe your accent is impeccable but you find it difficult to put your thoughts in writing.

Make a list of the areas where you think you need the most work and then choose a course that will help you to improve. A good course will cover everything, but some do a better job than others at covering certain aspects of the TOEFL.


The TOEFL is offered several times a year, but you need to plan ahead of time. If you decide to take the test far in advance, then you may have time to sign up and take a class that will take weeks or months to complete. However, if you have already signed up for the test and your test date is approaching, you may not have time to take a formal class.

Think about how much time you have to prepare and choose your prep course accordingly. With a book or video course, you can move at your own pace. If you study with a tutor or take a class, you will have little flexibility in terms of how much time it takes you to prepare.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the most expensive prep course is also the best. There are certainly some courses with a high price tag that are effective, but it is equally true that you can find low cost courses that will give you everything you need to prepare.

Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend and then take some time to do comparison shopping. Don’t spend more than you think you need to. It may help to compare courses based on what they have to offer, and then compare prices after you have narrowed your choices down.


Perhaps the most important thing you can do prior to purchasing a TOEFL preparation course is to read other students’ reviews of the course. The publisher of the course is going to spin what they’re selling in the most attractive way possible. However, the only way to know what you’re getting is to pay attention to what people who have used the course say about it.

If you take the time to compare features, read reviews, and consider your personal needs, you’ll be sure to pick the right course to help you ace


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