If you have decided to attend university abroad, you have made a worthwhile decision.

Studying abroad is one of most exciting journeys in an international student’s life. From meeting new people to gaining new experiences, studying away from home is the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

Although attending university abroad will completely transform your life, the admission process can be quite competitive. The majority of universities in English speaking countries require international or non-native students to take the TOEFL iBT test before seeking admission.

TOEFL iBT is a standardized test to determine a non-native student’s English language skills. It is a mandatory part of a university’s admission process.

In fact, the TOEFL iBT is accepted in more than 10,000 universities in 30 countries, including Australia, Canada as well as the Ivy League schools in the US.

TOEFL iBT is one of the most important tests you will ever take. You will have to complete four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Each section varies in length. But, the test itself is almost four-and-a-half hour long.

Similarly, each section’s score ranges from 0 to 30. However, the total test score is 0-120 (120 maximum score).

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) develops and runs TOEFL iBT. Since it is an online English language test, it is convenient to test takers and the ETS. In order to register for the iBT test, you need to select a suitable test date and testing centre in your location online. You can even pay the registration fee online. Coupled with online registration, test takers can check their score report online (10 days after the test). Printed or hard copies are available 13–15 days following the test.

Unlike many other English language tests, TOEFL iBT scores are valid for 2 years. So, you can send your score to as many universities as you want within this time period.

If your score expires, you can retake the iBT test as many times as you want. The only exception is that you cannot retake it twice in a time period of 12 days.

Now that you know the significance of the iBT test, you need to start preparing for it. It is recommended that you take the language test as soon as possible to ensure you meet your preferred university’s deadline. Also, make sure you check the university’s minimum TOEFL score requirement. The minimum score varies among universities.

There are different ways to study for the TOEFL iBT test. Each method has its pros and cons, so how can you select the right preparation method? Use these simple tips to make the best decision:

Assess Your Requirements

Many students purchase textbooks to study for the iBT test. You will find plenty of books on essay writing, grammar, vocabulary and more.

Besides textbooks, you can refer to preparation courses as well as practice tests online. Online practice courses offer in-depth information and tricks to help test takers ace the exam.

If you do not want to self-study then you can hire a personal tutor. A tutor will break down TOEFL preparation to make it manageable and easier for you.


TOEFL preparation is not set in stone. Preparing for any exam—let alone TOEFL—can be monotonous. Many students struggle to follow a regular study schedule.

Read books, watch movies or documentaries, and strike up a conversation with a stranger to improve your English and prepare for the iBT test.

Consider Test Date

It is imperative that you consider your TOEFL iBT test date. For example, if it is in less than two months away, then it is unlikely that a private tutor will be able to help you. Self-study would be a better option.

Take Pricing Into Account  

If you are considering taking tuitions then consider the tuition fee. Most online TOEFL preparation material is readily available for free. Not all online materials are helpful though. Do your homework and research online options carefully to select one that suits your needs. Taking on a good tutor who has a solid background in the TOEFL iBt is always a good idea, especially for beginner and intermediate level students.

Speak to Other Test Takers

Connect with people who have already taken the TOEFL exam. Ask them to recommend the best online TOEFL preparation courses, textbooks and tutors.

Since TOEFL iBT is an internet-based test, your best bet is to get as much online practice as possible. Here are the benefits of online practice:

  • By practising the TOEFL exam online, you will get a real feel of the test format. Keep an eye on the timer when attempting online practice tests. This is an effective trick to manage time on the day of the test.


  • Online TOEFL practice tests include TOEFL questions from previous years. As a result, you will have a better idea of the type of questions to expect on the test day. If you are nervous about taking TOEFL iBT, online practice tests will help ease your anxiety by removing uncertainties pertaining to test questions.


  • Online TOEFL practice tests will help you determine your strongest and weakest sections. Once you know the areas you lag behind in, you can put in your attention and efforts in those areas.


When considering your preparation options, keep your comfort and convenience in mind. This is where online TOEFL preparation guide, uMasterExam, comes into play.

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Whether you’re new to TOEFL iBT or have taken it before, uMasterExam is for students at all levels—beginners, intermediate and advanced. The website features the best TOEFL iBT preparation guides, courses and practice tests for you to study from.

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